Lady Blade - A Pirate Novel by Catherine Thrush

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Eighteen-year-old Francesca DiCesare is the daughter of Italy’s most illustrious fencing maestro - and his most gifted pupil. She loves the rhythm of a well-executed patenando, the speed of a parry, and the power and grace of the perfect lunge. She sees the art of the sword as an elegant and electrifying dance.

Francesca never thought of her sword as a weapon; not until the morning of Papa’s duel - not until Papa lay dying and his opponent lay dead by her hand.

Now Francesca is on the run, determined to escape the gallows and to prove the DiCesare name by upholding Papa’s uncompromising Code of Honor. She takes ship, and finds she thrills at the bucking deck and the snap and hum of the crisp white sails – until they spot pirates off the starboard bow. Francesca fights with all the skill Papa has given her, and eight pirates lay dead at her feet before she’s taken captive by pirate captain Will Massey.

Forced to join Will’s crew as they raid the Spanish Main, Francesca is drawn into the pirates’ nefarious world, and to the bold and vital captain. But is she willing to lay down her life to uphold Papa’s Code?


Lady Blade is an unpublished historical fiction novel. C. J. is currently seeking a Literary Agent.

Lady Blade began life as an action/adventure screenplay. The screenplay won the 2004 Monterey County Film Commission's “Emerging Talent Award” and a consultation with Hollywood Script Consultant Linda Seger. Linda called it “an exciting story with very good action... a compelling character, a good theme to explore, and the opportunity for exotic and fascinating locations." Lady Blade placed highly in numerous screenwriting competitions and has been optioned twice.

The novel version was a finalist in the San Francisco Writer’s Conference Contest and a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest.



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