Lady Blade - A Pirate Novel by Catherine Thrush

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The Destiny
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Ship's particulars:
Length from Stem to Stern      70ft
Breadth                                   24.5 ft
Number of Decks                     3
Height between decks           approx 5ft
Number of masts                      3
Number of cannons                  12

Early in the story Francesca boards a Spanish ship called the Santa Ana. But when Captain Massey takes the ship he decides to keep the Santa Ana and renames her Destiny. The Destiny is a square-rigged armed transport. She's fast and quick to the helm and has ample storage space for all the riches they intend to amass.

Francesca is assigned a position as a "topman" one of the men who tend the ropes and sails above deck - 80ft above deck. As she learns the ropes she also gets to know the officers:

The Captain:  William Massey
A pirate captain is elected by the men and can be put aside just as easily. He has the final word on the running of the ship.

The First Mate: Mr. Baldric (A hard disciplinarian with a scar down his face.)
The first mate's responsibilities are to carryout the captain's orders, maintain discipline and confer with the captain.

The Sailing Master: Mr. Hart (An ex-British navy man, disciplined and proper)
The Sailing Master is an expert on ropes and sails and how to use them most efficiently and maximize their potential.

The Quartermaster: Mr. Angstrom (a giant Swede with a long face and a frizzy red mane of hair and beard)
His main purpose was to distribute things. He distributed, rations, powder, work, prizes, and punishment. He was in charge of counting and distributing all the spoils that the pirate ship took.

The Master Gunner: Mr. Agar (A dark tower of a man with a pockmarked face who hates to have women aboard ship)
The master gunner is in charge of the cannons and the gun crews who fire them. He procures shot and powder and sets the cannons in place and maintains them.


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