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Moves and Techniques

Fencing begins with the en garde position as shown at right.

An excerpt from the book:

     Francesca wore a padded leather jacket and calf length skirts. She shivered as the maestro rested the cold hilt of a practice blade in her palm on a December evening. She saluted Papa and took her en garde position. Papa walked around her correcting the position of her hand and elbow, the distribution of her weight between her feet, the turn of her head, until her position was perfect.
“Remember this,” he said. “Burn it into your brain and into your muscles and sinews. This position is your best defense and your best offense. It’s nothing short of life and death.”

Lunge position

Of course, en garde is only the beginning.  From there a fencer learns the advance, retreat, and lunge. To the right is the correct lunge position.

Footwork must be drilled until it becomes second nature. Then the fun begins - parries, ripostes, engages, disengages, double disengages, balestras...

Here is a glossary of terms.

Fencing is alive and well in 2012 and if you are interested in learning more or trying it yourself, the US Fencing Association can help you find a club in your area.

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