Lady Blade - A Pirate Novel by Catherine Thrush

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Francesca DiCesare
Our Heroine

Age: 18
Position: Daughter of Italy's most famous fencing maestro
Weapon of Choice: The rapier
Strengths: Courageous, Determined, skilled with a sword
Weaknesses: Idealistic, judgmental


An excerpt from a chapter twenty-four conversation between pirate captain Will Massey and the ship's Scottish Doctor:

     The doctor approached and put a hand on the captain’s shoulder. He tilted his head toward Francesca. “Why nae let her leave, lad?” He motioned around. “She's nae suited to thes.”
     The captain shook his head, “But she is. With a sword in her hand she's a Fury come to earth.”
     “Her arm, her head, aye, but…” he patted his chest and shook his head sadly.
     The captain frowned. “How can someone be so suited to a life and so completely unsuited at the same time?”

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