Lady Blade - A Pirate Novel by Catherine Thrush

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Phillip Worthington

Phillip Worthington
British Navy Captain

Age: 22
Position: Eldest son of an English Lord and British Navy Captain
Weapon of Choice: The rapier
Strengths: Brave, disciplined, commanding
Weaknesses: Bows quickly to authority


An excerpt from the book:

     Francesca studied him. This was her first chance to really see what the last three years had done to him. Certainly his voice had changed; it was harder and deeper. He was broader in the shoulders and thicker through the chest. He was as handsome as ever; even more so, she thought, now that the sun had tanned his fair skin, making his blonde hair more golden and his aquamarine eyes more dazzling. His jaw was set and he had an air of authority. A scar ran from his right eyebrow to his ear. He too had seen battle.

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