Lady Blade - A Pirate Novel by Catherine Thrush

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The Places
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The Salle
The story begins in Tuscany, Italy, where Francesca lives with her father and two brothers. Francesca grew up at Salle DiCesare, the world famous fencing school where young men were taught the art and science of the sword.

Schools or "Salles" of fencing are an old tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. By the 1500s separate styles had developed under different teachers and in different countries throughout Europe. During the 1600s and 1700s "The Art of Italian Fence" sought to combine grace and elegance with strength and speed.

In Italy, 17th century swordsmanship was dominated by Salvator Fabris, whose De lo schermo overo scienza d’arme of 1606 exerted great influence not only in Italy but also in Germany, where it all but extinguished the native German traditions of fencing. Fabris was followed by Italian masters such as Nicoletto Giganti (1606), Ridolfo Capo Ferro (1610), Francesco Alfieri (1640), Francesco Antonio Marcelli (1686) and Bondi' di Mazo (1696).  

Salle DiCesare, as portrayed in Lady Blade, is unusual in that it focuses mostly on young nobles, offering other forms of academic training along with intensive fencing lessons.

Here is a rough draft of the floor plans of Salle DiCesare

The Spanish Main

The Spanish Main
Aboard the pirate ship Destiny, Francesca heads for the Spanish Main.

The Spanish Main included the Caribbean, the south coast of America, Central America and the north coast of South America. Most of the area had been colonized by the Spanish and was an excellent hunting ground for pirates of all varieties.

The "New World" as it was known, was rich in gold, jewels, spices and strange and wonderful foods.During the heyday of piracy an industrious captain could capture two or three merchant ships a day!



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